A Speedy Achievement

If you’ve read the little blurb on our homepage, you’ll see that Greg likes to speed run games. I’ve also mentioned it before in other posts.

Once he’s back in Denmark and caught up on sleep, I’m going to encourage him to write a better blog about his experiences. However, I’m a proud wife, so I’m going to update you all on what his weekend was like.

Greg has been trying to get into the speed running community for quite a while, and he currently holds three world records. His longest speed run record is officially 10 hours, 3 minutes, and 43 seconds for Digimon Cyber Sleuth, though he knows it’s possible to get that one down to a shorter time if he decides to try it again. His dedication to this is amazing to watch. He plays these games over and over, and makes methodical notes on what sections can be shortened and where. Sometimes he uses notes made by other runners and builds off them, sometimes he starts from scratch.

This weekend, he got to live a dream of his.

He livestreamed at an event in Sweden – not only for an online crowd, but for a live audience as well! He says he was (understandably!) nervous, but it doesn’t show much in the video!

It doesn’t seem to want to embed properly, so click here to watch!

I was in chat cheering him on as I’m still in Canada right now, and it was really amazing to see the support he got. It wasn’t just from his usual followers, but even from people he’d only met that weekend that wanted to check him out because he “seemed like a good guy!” (Which he is.)

And one of the coolest parts? He set a new world record LIVE!

Have I mentioned I’m incredibly proud of him?

He’s got another event coming up in August, and this one I’ll be at as well!


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