My Finished Pile Grows…

I thought I’d take this chance to show off some of the fascinators I’ve been working on over the last month or so! I’ve been making a combination of bridal fascinators as well as just fun seasonal ones.

I’ll start with the Bridal ones, such as the one pictured above!


This one was certainly fun! I played with trying out a new shape, and I’m very pleased with the result.


This is another clip-on piece, but it’s more rounded. I’m hoping it’ll be someone’s “Something Blue!”


This is my other blue piece, and honestly probably my favourite one of all right now.  It just came together better than I could have hoped for.

download (1)

This one I designed more for a bachelorette party or a bridal shower. It’s just fun!

download (2)

And for the last one, one of my first pieces. I still love it. It’s got a nice simplicity to it.

My Spring/Summer Pieces

download (3)

We’ll start again with the clip on pieces. This one is designed more for spring. Pretty pastels but a bold butterfly!

download (4)

This one was an experiment – but luckily one that went right! The concept was sort of like summer flowers in flowerpots. It was just designed for fun, and speaking of fun…

download (5)

This one is so tropical and bright. It wound up being a bit taller than I planned on, but it’s just so fun, I couldn’t have shortened it at all.

download (6)

For the last one, a springtime headband with a giant bumblebee bow!

So, this is what I’ve been up to, and I can’t wait to start taking them out to markets. I think the first one will be in November, so that gives me time to make even more! I have plans to start making character inspired ones. First up: Loki!

For anyone interested, all of my fascinators are available here.




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