My Inspiration

Warning: Corny post ahead.

20 more days and then my love will be back in Canada!!

I haven’t shared this picture yet – it’s him and a sock monkey version of him that I had custom made! I don’t know if I posted a picture of the two monkeys (there’s a Bev version as well!) but if not, I will when he brings Bev back from Denmark.

This has been simultaneously the longest and shortest two and a half months of my life. Luckily work and my new hobby have kept me busy, but I still find that sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself. I miss hanging out and doing nothing with him; looking at dog pictures on facebook, watching animal videos (we’re animal lovers, can you tell?), playing with our hedgehog and laughing at her silly faces. I still do all these things, but it’s different when your best friend isn’t there to share it.

The next three weeks are going to be slow, at least it will for me anyways. I’m super excited to see my lovely husband – who’ll be a year older! – and that’s just going to make time drag. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have lots of shifts at work to keep me sane.

I imagine time is going to go faster for Greg; he’s involved in a Pokemon speedrunning tournament at the moment, he’s got an event coming up where he’ll be a featured speedrunner in front of a live audience… and of course, final project deadlines and final exams for school!

He’s also been learning guitar since I’ve been gone. Swoon.

I really love his passion and dedication to his interests. When he wants something, he just goes for it.

Over the past year he’s gained three (3!!!) world records in speedrunning, begun building a following on Twitch (a livestreaming platform, for those unaware), and he’s playing live at two different gaming conventions as a featured speedrunner.

My dad gave him a guitar as a wedding gift, and I think that reignited an interest in playing music for him. In Denmark he bought himself a guitar, and practices constantly. I feel like every time I talk to him, he’s like “Yeah so I learned a new song today…” and then plays it for me, like it’s no big deal. This morning, it was “Wonderwall.”

And his schooling? He doesn’t want just a Masters or Bachelors degree, he wants to go all the way for a PHD. Heck, even going to Denmark shows how far he’s willing to go to pursue his dreams!

Somedays, I feel accomplished if I managed to do laundry and brush my hair.

He’s my biggest inspiration and I’m so incredibly lucky to have him in my life.


One thought on “My Inspiration

  1. Great post, Beverley. Your love and respect for Greg really shine through your words. I agree, Greg is an amazing man, pursuing his dreams and passions wholeheartedly. I’m very proud of him. And you are amazing as well, creative and industrious. I love you both!


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