Excited to Learn Again

It’s almost 11pm here, and I’m going through my course requirements to complete my Bachelor’s degree. I have a list (pictured) of potential courses to take, starting again in September.

My last semester ended only four days ago.

It’s nice to be this fired up about school again. I want to learn again!

For those that don’t know, I started out by going back to school for a Bachelor of Commerce. I thought it was a safe degree, and it is! However, I found much of the material very dry, and I struggled through formula based classes. I’m doing online study, so there’s not as much help available to me if I get stuck.

Last October, just after the wedding, I nearly failed a midterm that I had given my all. That broke me. I cried at work when I got the mark back.

That, I think, was my “I can’t do this moment.” I made the drastic choice to switch my degree to a Bachelor of Arts, with a double major in English and Psychology.

Once everything was settled (there were a few complications), I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I finished the semester feeling less stressed out, scraping by with Cs mostly. January came, and everything was different.

Suddenly, I enjoyed what I was learning again.

Don’t get me wrong, I still find parts of it very dry – but most of the time it’s fascinating. And my grades this semester? A-, B+, and B-, and that B- could have easily been a B+ or higher but I left my final paper too long and didn’t put the needed finishing touches on it. (My time management skills need a bit of work yet.)

Overall, I’m excited again!

My advice to those who are struggling to pick their degree, or maybe are in need of a change: Don’t waste your time, money, or effort on something that you don’t enjoy. Evaluate where your strengths are, and look at your options around those.

Now, I’m not saying to pick a useless degree; you still need to pick something with practical applications in the real world. My degree may not be as safe as a BComm, but I picked a double major for the reason that it gives me options for pursuing two career options, or two paths for a Masters. Psych could lead me to counselling, English to editing. Both are options I’m considering! Right now I’m leaning more towards editing, but who knows what the future holds?

All I know right now is that I’m happy, succeeding in my classes, and I can’t wait to continue.



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