My Biggest Weekend of the Year

No, not next weekend when I turn 25, but this weekend!

It’s the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, which is not only my home expo, but my favourite one to do. This year marks my fifth time, and I’m so excited.

first expo

This was me five years ago (BG, Before Greg) at my first expo. I was totally overwhelmed but loving it! The first year, I shared a table with my best friend, who still exhibits as well! (Aline from Juliette Studios) Since then, my art has grown, not only in style and technique, but medium as well!


This year, I’ve got paintings, handmade ornaments, mugs and stickers with my artwork on it as well! I’m also displaying some of my photography (not pictured, picking up those last minute tomorrow morning) as well. I still have fanart, but this year I’m taking a risk and making it less prominent. I want to showcase me this year, and I’m a girl with a weird sense of humour!


I’m hoping my twisted fairy tales are a hit! Meet 80’s Beauty and the Beast, and Manbunzel.


Here we have Humanflesh Man, and … Humpty Dumpty. I don’t have a weird pun for this one yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Expo weekends are long, intense, but ultimately so artistically rewarding. With over 100,000 people attending this convention, there’s always so much to see. I always have a blast with commissions, and getting to interact with people. (Even though I’m a bit shy!) I’m always physically and mentally drained by the end, but it’s always so worth it. Even if I don’t quite break even, such as last year which was rough due to the downturn in the Alberta economy, it’s still worth it.

Admittedly though, it’ll be weird without Greg this year. I’m planning to video call him from the grounds at least once so that he can feel like he’s still part of the excitement!

If you’re attending, come by and say hi! I’m at BMO H02!


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