Sad Goodbyes to Good Ehs

Sorry for the lack of updates! This is sort of a recap post of my last couple days.

Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life, and one of the hardest.

At noon in Denmark, (after one last Burger King meal together) I hugged Greg goodbye and headed through security to begin my long trek home. I won’t lie, I was pretty weepy. I think airport security was nicer to me because of it though!

I can now say I’ve flown internationally on my own. For some, that’s not a big deal. But for me, the girl who doesn’t like walking ten minutes to the mall on her own (in Denmark anyways), it was. I was a bit worried about being a solo traveler after that United Airlines disaster, but I am happy to say that I wasn’t bumped/dragged from any flights. All in all, it went pretty smoothly!

(Just to add in, this was the most talked about thing at every airport gate in every city. Everyone was like “did you see that video?!?!?!” Even if they were speaking another language, you knew what they were talking about the moment “United” was said.)

The biggest bump was in Iceland when I got chewed out for not having a travel visa – until the woman doing the passport check realized that I had been in Europe less than ninety days. Once she realized that, she just sort of grumbled about “next time, make sure you have a visa if you’re over ninety days.” (Which, again, I was not!)

My longest flight was six hours, and it was the worst of the group. My knee started to cramp and I had no way of really stretching it. I was in the window seat in a three person row, so getting up was absolutely forbidden thanks to social anxiety.

I had a five hour layover in the city where Greg’s family lives, so I got to spend some time with them. One of my sister-in-laws picked me up, and she found me getting a triple-triple tea at the place you’d most expect a Canadian returning home to rush to; Tim Hortons.

After a lovely dinner with them (CANADIAN BEEF OMG) where I got to share Denmark stores and experiences, it was back to the airport and on to the final flight. When I landed it was midnight, but my internal clock registered it as 8:00am! My mom and Grandma were there to meet me, and I was happy to see them but so exhausted. By the time we got back, it was 1:00am, and I’d hit 24 hours awake.

Surprisingly though today, I was up at nine AM and energetic! The next couple weeks are going to be filled with school, work, and expo prep! I got to see all the products I’ve been slowly ordering for the Calgary Expo over the last couple months in person, and they’ve turned out great!

It’s weird to be back without Greg though, and I’m counting the days until he’s back too.


One thought on “Sad Goodbyes to Good Ehs

  1. Beverly, you are such a trooper. I sure enjoyed our visit with you on your first stop home in Canada. Best wishes on all your exams, work, and plans for the expo this coming week.


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