Time Flies…

Two weeks from today, I’ll be back in Canada. At this exact time I’ll likely be asleep considering it’s only 5:00AM back there. (I’m only on a visitor visa as I don’t have all the documents to apply for a visa as Greg’s wife, so I have to go home for three months.) It’s weird to me. I feel both as if we just got here, and also as if we’ve lived here for ages.

We’ve been here for two months now. Two months! It’s crazy to me how fast that time has gone. I guess there’s just always been things to keep us busy – school mostly, for the both of us. (Like how I’m supposed to be writing an English essay right now but am instead blogging.)

I think the feeling of having lived here for ages comes from our ability to adapt and learn. True, some things are still foreign to us; we sometimes have to use Google Translate while shopping, and neither of us speak Danish fluently. However, we’re able to think in terms of DKK while shopping and don’t have to convert back to CAD constantly. We don’t need to ask for help usually, and we don’t feel as out of place as we did.

If someone bumps into me, or I into them, I don’t automatically answer back with “Sorry!” Instead, I answer with “Undskyld!” (Though if they say it first, I sometimes don’t know how to react so I smile and nod.) I actually understand a good bit of Danish – spoken is harder for me to interpret but I can read it okay – and I could probably speak a bit, but confidence is an issue. I’m lucky to have Greg. On that first day when it was all overwhelming and intimidating, he was the one asking people if they spoke English. He still does that for me, and I’m really grateful.

I have a sentence prepared for if anyone tries to talk to me in Danish, not realizing that I don’t speak it. “Undskyld, min dansk er ikke god,” (sorry, my Danish is not good) and I almost worked up the nerve to try to say it yesterday. Greg and I were walking to Bilka to take some bottles back for a refund and pick up some snacks. A man stopped us and started speaking very loudly and very quickly. I managed to say “Undskyld,” but I doubted myself and paused, so Greg asked for English. Turns out the bottle return at Bilka was out of order, so he recommended another store nearby.

I am still actively trying to learn; maybe by the time I get back, I’ll be more confident!

We haven’t done as much as we’d originally wanted to, but I think our first time here needed a settling and adjusting period anyways. We didn’t get to London for a concert like we’d planned, and we haven’t traveled around Europe on the weekends. We haven’t even traveled Denmark – We’ve only left Horsens once. But we’ve done so much here.

We’ve tried new pastries and breads, and found that we really like the one that’s like a combination of a cinnamon bun and bread pudding. We’ve learned that people really like pineapple and licorice. We’ve wandered through stores and malls (that really aren’t much different from home!) and found Danish “versions” of what we would know back home. For example, Matas is just like Shoppers Drug Mart. There’s even a few stores that we’ve found we like, and we go into often just to check them out. We’ve walked around the town and admired old buildings – and debated the origins of some. There’s one building that I think is an apartment building now, but it looks as though it were a school once. Or maybe a mansion? It’s hard to say.

The featured image is from our first day; I chose it because to me, it captures how big and different everything felt.

It’s not as frightening anymore. We’re not fish out of water.

I’m going to miss things about here – and, of course, Greg – but I have to say, I am very excited to get back and have a coffee from Tims, and a cheeseburger from anywhere. No steak yet though, I promised Greg that I’d wait until he comes back to visit in July to get it. Love means sacrifice after all.


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