Thrift Shop

Sorry for the lack of updates! I got hit with the flu, but the good news is that it’s gone! …It’s now turned into a cold. But, at least I have my energy back, so I can’t complain.

Last week, Greg and I found (what I think is) the coolest store. It’s a thrift shop supporting a missions group (if I translated their signs correctly) and it was amazing inside. They’d had a special on their musical instruments, and Greg had been hunting for a guitar. Unfortunately by the time we got there the guitars were fairly picked over, but we still found some neat things!

This guy above was my favourite, hands down. It was absolutely beautiful, and apart from a few scratches, in amazing condition! If we’d had a way to get it back to the dorm room (and eventually Canada), I probably would have bought it. That’s not even a joke. I loved it.

image1 (4)

This one I liked because it matched my hair!


The couch was interesting, but it’s the table and the gold chair that I really like in this one.


A fainting couch. An honest-to-God fainting couch. If we’re ever super successful, I’m obviously going to need this to be dramatic on.


I thought this was quite pretty!

image1 (5)

Possibly little known fact about me – I LOVE teapots. If I could have, I would have taken every single one of these back with me. Even the cow.

(Also, that’s a mannequin in the picture, not a person. I didn’t take a picture with someone standing right there, I’m not that creepy)

And finally, Greg’s least favourite:


Old dolls!

The whole store just felt like walking into the past. It was a really cool experience, and the crazy thing was how cheap everything was! All the furniture was around $100-$200 CAD, if not less than that. It was incredible.

I highly recommend checking out stores like this if there are any near you – you never know what you’ll find!


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