Spring, School and Expo Season

Spring does seem to be making it’s way here! Temperature has been steady (something I’m still not quite used to!) around 7-8C, and while there are still rainy days, there’s been more sun as well. We had all the blinds open this morning as we cleaned up for the week and it was nice to have the sun coming in, even if it wasn’t for long.

We went for another walk yesterday around the park, and hundreds of little flowers are starting to sprout! My camera and I will be keeping an eye on them for the next little while.


This was taking at the top of the hill – no flowers but lots of fog! You’d almost think they were taken on different days rather than maybe 20 minutes apart.

With spring comes the deadlines of school. A few quizzes and a couple papers later, I’m halfway through my classes, but I’ve found that my focus has started to shift towards Expo preparation for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo coming up at the end of April! I struggle to focus as it is, now I have to push myself harder to stay on track and finish my work. I’m thinking I may have to set up a reward system for myself.

I’ve just got so many ideas for Expo this year! It’s become clear to me that I cannot simply just offer prints. I’m in Artist Alley and there are many incredible artists there that offer just prints. And simply, they’re just better than me – at print/poster design that is. I need to find my strengths and use them. I love drawing little cartoons – ones that you may not hang on your wall, but you might have as a sticker to decorate with, or on a coffee mug!

Which is exactly why this year I’ll have both stickers and coffee mugs at my table! (And hopefully another unique thing, but I don’t want to announce that until I know whether or not I can pull it off) It’s a gamble for sure, but it’s one I need to do.

Greg’s starting to feel the pressure at school too. (Though, at least from an outside perspective, it seems MUCH less than back in Canada. I’ll get him to blog about it soon) His first big project deadline is this Thursday, so he might have some long days this week! I have a feeling that this Friday, the campus bar (which isn’t too far from us) is going to be quite busy as his classmates celebrate…



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