Giraffes Are Art

At the risk of sounding really weird, I’ve discovered that I love giraffes. They haven’t taken the top spot of my favourite animal – that still belongs to bats! – but they’re now in my top five.

I never realized how bizarre yet fun they are!

While Greg is at school, I’m usually at our place working on my own school work. (It’s entirely possible I’m avoiding a paper on ethics in psychological research at this very moment.) It’s been rainy, so I haven’t really even gone out for walks.

One day a couple weeks ago, I was bored and browsing Facebook when a live stream was recommended for me. It was April the Giraffe and I’ve been hooked on her since. I usually keep a tab open on my computer while I (attempt to) work on school.

They’re fascinating. They’re these massive, majestic animals, and yet they’re also quite playful and awkward! “Doofy,” as Greg and I say.

Naturally, I had to draw her. Twice. The image above is her majestic side, the image below is… well…



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