Trains and Rain

The big trip to Aarhus was today!

We had to go to file some paperwork for Greg’s citizenship, but more importantly, there is a Burger King by the train station.

(It’s clear where my priorities are.)

We left our apartment at 10:30am. We picked up brunch at 7-11 when we bought our train tickets. Hot dog sort of pastry things known as polsehorn, and iced coffee for greg, and a chocolate milk for myself. There is no shortage of chocolate milk here, and I love it.

After a series of mishaps, we got on the train (properly this time!) at 12:45pm and finally got into Aarhus just after one. The train right itself was uneventful. The Danish landscapes are beautiful. No pictures of those though – the guy across from us seemed a bit annoyed that we decided to sit across from him, so I decided not to dig out my camera and annoy him further.

Once there, it was a ten minute or so drive in a taxi to where we needed to go, ten minutes waiting, five minutes dealing with what we had gone there for, and then we were out of the building by ten to two.

Since it was a relatively nice day – just the usual clouds hanging around, holding the sun hostage – we decided to walk the hour back to the station. Why not? Plus, then it would make it easier to excuse going for Burger King – not that it mattered, we were going either way.

Aarhus, as expected, is also beautiful. There was a lot of trees on the first part of the way back.


I particularly liked the vines growing on this one!


This looks like the perfect place to film a horror movie, with the exception of the random military base we passed. It did fit right in with the horror movie vibe, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be allowed on film. (Signs warned no photographs, so I complied! It was cool though!)


These trees were just something else. I loved them. (In case it wasn’t clear)


Eventually we left the trees behind and came to water! Aside from it being a bit chilly, add some palm trees and it reminded me of Miami. I love water.

Which leads me to the next thing that happened: The skies saw us walking and said “That girl likes water! You know what we should do? We should rain.”

And it did. So much so that I had to put my camera away to keep it from getting wrecked! By now you’d think that we’d have learned to invest in an umbrella, but no such thing yet.

By the time we got back to the station, I looked like this:

image1 (1)

But fear not, this story has a happy ending!

image1 (2)

I’m happy to report that Burger King is almost as good as home. It was not noticeably different for the most part – 9/10 will consume again. If anything, the fries were a bit saltier, but I can’t complain about that!

Both missions for the day: accomplished.


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