Grey Skies and Rainy Day Photos

I wrote about this a bit back in my “5 things I miss about home,” post, but the grey skies really do take some getting used to. I loved the rainy weather back home, I thought having this kind of weather all the time would be a dream come true.

In truth, I think the reason I liked the rain so much at home is because of how little we got. It was rare, so I loved it. Now, it’s reversed. If I see sun coming through our blinds in the morning, I get excited.

But, the sun can’t shine every day and there’s no point moping about it, so what’s a person to do? Find something to like about it!

The grey skies do make for beautiful backdrops for some photos! The above image was taken at the graveyard. I’ve been enamored with this graveyard since we moved her. That sounds morbid, I know, but look at it. It’s gorgeous!

The grey adds a bit of a spooky atmosphere that makes things look ominous. My desire for sunlight and my inner goth are constantly in battle.


There’s so many trees in this park. I plan to get more shots of it from different angles eventually. This was just as we walked by on our way elsewhere.


This was taken on a different day. I think I intended to use it for another blog post, but I don’t think I ever did. I liked how serene that moment felt – despite the amount of traffic from the road behind us!


We found this guy not at the graveyard, but down by the fjord. As we approached it from behind, I thought it was a monkey but Greg went, “nah, it’s a troll.” Sure enough, it was!


I love the contrast in this photo between the saturated green of the grass, and the dreary sky and water.

The water was a bit rough so we didn’t go too close to it.


It sure did make for some pretty viewing though!

I’ll have another update on Wednesday this week – we’re going on a day trip to Aarhus!


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