5 Things I Miss About Home

“Do you miss anything from Canada?”

The short answer: Yes. Friends and family have asked me this over the last few days, so I figured I’d take a few minutes and compile a top five list.

Burger from a cafe located inside Bilka
  1. Beef – Sorry to any vegetarians who may be reading this, but I grew up in Alberta and I love beef. Burgers, steak, anything with beef and chances are I will eat it. The downside to being from Alberta is that I’ve been spoiled. It’s so good. It’s too good. Nothing here has even come close. That’s not to say that the burgers here aren’t good – they’re not bad, the one pictured above has been my favourite so far –  it’s just that they don’t compare.

    The shower in our bathroom
  2. Separate, Contained Showers – I don’t know if all of Europe is like this, but every show I’ve come across so far has been.No containment, like a bathtub or even a tile ledge. They’re just a shower head on the wall, and when you shower, water goes everywhere.  Why?! Do you people like having wet feet for your entire bathroom experience?! I’m not a fan.

    A sidewalk I have definitely tripped over
  3. Paved Sidewalks – I admit, I actually adore the cobblestone and I prefer it to the sidewalks of Canada – aesthetically. They’re beautiful looking, an artistic element that contributes greatly to the atmosphere. However, when you’re as klutzy as I am, you may get your heels caught and almost fall. Multiple times. In one outing. Yeah, I’m that clumsy.

    A milk carton (this one’s pretty easy to figure out)
  4.  English – Alright, I know how this one sounds, especially considering most, if not all people here do speak English. It’s just a bit overwhelming being in a place where most conversations are ones you can’t understand. Even just going to get groceries and figuring out labels can be difficult! I can read a bit of Danish, and if people speak slow enough I can probably figure out what they’re saying. However, I’m not confident enough in my skills yet, and it’s intimidating and embarrassing to ask if they speak English. Gives you a new appreciation for not only your home country, but also for people that do immigrate and have to adapt.

    Today’s weather: Grey skies with a chance of wind
  5. Sunlight – This is the one that I’ve been made fun of for the most I think (in a loving way, I should add). I have a fair complexion, and I’ve always embraced my “paleness.” I hated going out in the sun when I was a teenager. I wasn’t fond of outdoors for other reasons as well, but that was one of them. I used to wish I could move to London, or some other place that got very little sun. Well, now here I am, and I’ve been here two weeks and… There’s only been one day with actual blue skies and noticeable sunlight. ONE. It’s not as great as I thought and I admit it, I miss the sunlight.

Those are my big things right now. They might seem like things you’d take for granted, but as the saying goes, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.’ That said, there’s a lot to love too! But that’s another list for another day.


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