Quite the Adventure: Greg’s Perspective

[I’m a bit late posting this, it was an email sent to my mother on the day we arrived in Denmark. I thought it still relevant to share. -G]


We made it all the way to Horsens last night! It was quite an adventure:

We arrived at Billund airport around midnight and grabbed our bags, exhausted but triumphant. We had been planning on taking a shuttle to a hotel nearby, but I looked and found that there was a bus coming at 1 am, which we hadn’t expected. Nothing was open, so we waited for the bus and booked a room for the night in Horsens.

The bus took us to a train station in Vejle, where we were told a train heading to Aarhus would stop at Horsens. Only problem was, I couldn’t find the entrance to the dang platform! It took us a good 15 minutes to find the entrance, thanks to a helpful cabbie, which meant we had to literally run for the train with three bags each.

We panted and wheezed as we sat down on the train. A conductor came by and asked us for tickets and that’s when we realised our bus ticket didn’t work for trains. We apologized profusely, pulling out the “dumb foreigner” card, and offered to pay once we got to Horsens. The conductor was gracious and said not to worry about it today, and we thanked him.

It was about 2:00 am when we got to Horsens train station. Faced with a ten minute trudge ahead of us, Bev made an executive decision and we got in a taxi.

We got to the Best Western Jorgensen Hotel (which looked from the outside like it was built in the 1800s) and signed in, got the room key and found out that the elevator was outside. Screw that, we said, and started up the stairs.

Well turns out our room is on the top floor. We got to our room, completely spent, and Bev flopped on the bed while I took a quick shower and we fell asleep shortly after.

Today we woke up feeling slightly sick from the fatigue of travel, but rejuvenated enough to explore a bit. We left the hotel and found ourselves in the middle of a street walking mall which reminded us of Stephen avenue in Calgary. Everything is so beautiful here, I can’t even begin to describe it. I got a coffee from a roadside food stand and we found a small indoor mall and shared a sandwich from a bakery that smelled delicious. It was roast beef, horseradish, spring greens, pickles and mayo on ciabatta.

After that we decided to walk through the city, going along Sundvej and stopping to see Kamtjakta (our home starting tomorrow) and then continuing on to VIA campus, then going up the other main street Langmarksvej to the McDonald’s. Thankfully, most things in there had the same names we were used to.

We stopped and ate a bit there, and then cut through some side streets back to Sundvej and back to the hotel, where I’m writing this email. Bev is napping, I think I’ll join her soon.

With the exception of two people, everyone we encountered has spoken perfect English, but their default is Danish. I’ve gotten very good at “Unskyld, forstar du Engelsk?”


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