The Final Countdown

Well, the day has finally arrived. 

Greg and I have made it through security and we are currently waiting to board the first of three flights. The first one is relatively short (good for a fidgety person like myself) but the second one is almost twelve hours (I’m going to die). 

My carryon contains a sketchbook, markers, and a ninja turtle colouring book. It also has a second phone filled with games to play because I’m a child who requires constant stimulation. I have ADD medication that’ll help me sit still, but it’ll keep me awake. Though, I was hoping to sleep through that one. I pity whoever is around me.

I’m a little bit nervous about changing planes in Germany, mostly because my German isn’t very good anymore. Not that it was ever great to start with, but I knew the basics. We’ll be fine once we get into Denmark though; between Greg and I, we’ll be able to both read (me) and speak (Greg) Danish. We’ll make almost one functioning Dane. That’ll be nice. 

The section of the airport we’re in is quite nice; it’s the new terminal and it was only opened back at the end of October. Automated customs was very nice. Between customs and security we were through in twenty minutes! I hope we have the same luck in Germany. 

I may update again from the long flight so that I have something to do.


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