Saying Goodbye

Over the last few days, we’ve had to do what was probably the hardest part of this whole journey – saying goodbye to our cat, Mickey, and our hedgehog, Cassandra.

Mickey was the hardest for me. Luckily some friends were willing to take her and the challenges she presents. She’s about ten years old, and a solitary, grumpy cat. Once she bonds to you, Mickey is sweet and affectionate. Before that, she’s a nightmare. Going from living with myself and Greg to living with two ladies, two girls and three cats was a huge change for her and one I was nervous about. 

I knew she’d be well loved though, and she is. That’s a comfort. She’s in the best of hands.

Leaving her however was like a scene out of a movie. Greg and I left through a sliding door, and she tried to follow. We shut the door and she put her paws up on the glass as we left.

I cried. I still want to cry at the thought.

Saying goodbye to Cassandra was easier for me, but harder on Greg, who refers to her as his “spikey, puffy daughter.” Another friend was able to take her and I also have no doubt that she’ll be well loved. 

We’re going to miss them both terribly, but they’re both in good hands, and we’ll be able to see them when we come back to visit. I’ll be back in April for the Calgary Expo, and then we’ll both be back in July during Greg’s semester break. 

But for now, our little family is back to just Greg and I.

These last couple of weeks we’ve been saying goodbye to family and friends, and it feels like there’s not enough time left. We leave this upcoming Sunday, and before that I have a shift left at my job, a babysitting day, a final exam, dinner with Greg’s Dad, dinner with my grandma, the final walk through at our old place, and probably something else I’ve forgotten.

(And I still have to pack my suitcase!)


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