REVIEW: Chameleon Art Markers

I really, really like these markers. I want to start off with that. I want more of them, I’m even tempted to get the full art. The trick with these markers are to use the diffuser to lighten the main colour, allowing you to create a gradient. They’re fun to colour with, and you can get some cool effects.

That said, I wouldn’t use them on any professional/paid pieces. 

The reason? There’s a few, but the first is that I find them too unpredictable for large areas. Sometimes you can get a long gradient, other times it darkens fairly quickly and you don’t get as nice of a blend. I only have a five colour set right now, and I used them to colour the image for this blog. You can see that in smaller areas, they look fantastic. In larger areas, such as the background or Leo’s hand, it doesn’t work as well. The colour shifts before I wanted it to and I wound up having to improvise. It still looks cool, but it’s not quite what I envisioned. 

In their marketing they point out that one marker can achieve the same colours as three copics – which is true – and that they blend better – also true – but at least with a copic I get the colour I want where I want it.

Another reason is the huge learning curve to use them. I’ve had mine since April and I just now feel like I’m getting the hang of them. However, I don’t yet feel comfortable with them. I’m not yet able to recreate perfect blends over and over. Now, I’m not saying I didn’t have a learning curve with copics, but it didn’t take me this long. 

Chameleon markers are fantastic, I want a ton more and I highly recommend them – just for personal projects, at least until you’re confident with them. And even then, be careful.

I’m still sticking to copics for commissions.



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