19 Days and Counting

January tenth already. 

Greg and I have our flights booked now. Leaving on the 29th, two layovers and three flights total to get us to Copenhagen. Once there, it’s going to be be a long nap, and then a train to Horsens. 

Our housing is half paid for, with the remaining going to be paid in the next couple weeks. In that time, we’re going to be officially moving out of our Canadian residence. Twelve days to that, in fact. 

I’m one good bye party down (where I learned that tequila is not my friend) and we have another this weekend. 

It’s a series of countdowns and lasts right now. It’s so exciting and terrifying all at once. I might have said that before but it hasn’t changed; if anything, it’s gotten more intense as we get closer. It’s like I can’t wait to do this, but I can’t believe we’re doing this! 

As scared as I am, I know we’d regret it if we didn’t go, if we’d passed this opportunity up. This year is going to be a year of learning and travel, two things both Greg and I crave. We want to see and try everything. 

Just not seafood. (For me anyways)



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