New Year’s Resolutions

Well, 2017 is upon us. This is the year that Greg and I have been waiting for.

Shortly after we moved in together back in 2015, he told me that he wanted to further pursue his education in Architecture. Through the schooling he’d already completed, he knew of an opportunity to study and earn a Bachelors degree in Denmark. So, that’s been our plan for the last couple of years.

That night seems so long ago now.

By this time next month, we’ll be there!

It seems like a long time to wait, but a lot happened in between.  Greg graduated with a certificate in Architectural Technologies, I went back to school to pursue a Bachelors degree, we got engaged, got a hedgehog, took in a cat, and got married. He once expressed that he felt like he was stuck, waiting for the next step. I disagreed; everything that happened in the meantime was necessary. Had we gone right away, I don’t know that we’d be the same couple that we are now.

It wasn’t just waiting, it was living.

And now, 2017 is here.

This week we have to get our place mostly packed up, and make doctors appointments and dental appointments and any other needed appointments before we go. We’re also going to be booking flights and giving our formal notice at our jobs.

I don’t normally do resolutions, but with this year being a year of so much change, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a list:

  • Continue learning Danish – at this moment, DuoLingo tells me I am 10% fluent!
  • See Europe – I’ve always wanted to see Europe, this year is my chance.
  • Eat healthier – because every New Year’s list is obligated to have this on it
  • Try new foods – this may contradict my last point
  • Declutter – Especially for this last month in Canada, I want to get rid of what I don’t need.
  • Keep my grades up – I don’t know exactly what I want to do once I’ve graduated, but I want to be competitive if I decide to pursue further education.
  • Bake more – basically forget number three now.

Hopefully I can stick with them for more than a couple months!





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