FOOD REVIEW: The Celtic Tap

Greg and I are both big fans of pub food, so when we decided to order in, it’s no surprise that we were browsing which pubs delivered through SkipTheDishes. 

We enjoy trying new restaurants, and The Celtic Tap’s menu seemed interesting, appealing, and affordable. I was torn between the lasagna and the shepherds pie – I eventually chose the latter – while Greg was drawn almost immediately to the mac and cheese. 

After a reasonable wait time, the food arrived and we eagerly dug in.

If only the food had been as good as the menu sounded.

The Shepherd’s Pie

The presentation was sloppy, but I can’t honestly fault them entirely. I don’t know how our Skip driver handled the food. Maybe it looked better when it went into the styrofoam packaging? 

What I opened, however, was a mess of potato and meat and vegetables.

The vegetables were supposed to be steamed seasonal vegetables, but I’ve never seen peppers included in seasonal vegetables before. I actually can’t eat peppers, they make me feel quite sick. I had to leave my pepper chunks off to the side, but I did try the carrots and broccoli. I love broccoli, I would eat broccoli everyday. I prefer it to chocolate. However, it tasted quite sour. I’ve never had broccoli taste that sour before and I was quite disappointed.

The potatoes topping the shepherds pie was also quite sour, but I didn’t mind it in this. It would have been really good if the seasoning on the meat complimented that flavour… but it didn’t. The meat was incredibly under seasoned and bland tasting. Not quite as bad as the time I was making burritos and tasted it before I remembered to add any seasoning at all, but it wasn’t much above that. I also found it to be a bit watery. 

Overall, I was just disappointed. 


Mac and Cheese

Greg ordered the sausage mac and cheese, and it looked much better than mine did when you opened the lid. 

It was supposed to be a three cheese blend, and while there certainly was a LOT of it, it all blended together to taste like one bland cheese. The “sausage” reminded him of a cut up hot dog. The pasta itself was cooked well, and the portion size was good. 

It came with two slices of garlic bread which were burnt, and missing the key ingredient of garlic. To be honest, I think they were a common store brand that had been bought and then heated in the oven.  Not what you expect from a restaurant.

It was all right, but he probably wouldn’t order again. 


Overall, we were unimpressed, and we won’t order from them again. 


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