Hun Læser.

With our place (unofficially) reserved for February and some of our belongings already packed up and into storage, I’d like to say that this is feeling real. In truth, it’s not yet. However, for me it probably won’t be real until we’re 4 hours into the almost 11 hour flight and I’m going stir crazy.

That’s not to say I’m not excited – I am!

I spent a morning recently just exploring the town via google streetview. It’s really cool that we have technology that lets us explore a place on the other side of the world. Getting to go down the streets and see all the buildings and shops was amazing. I know that getting to see them in person will be even better, but doing this eased a lot of anxiety I’ve been having about the move. Even though we’ll have never been there before, things won’t seem as unfamiliar.

Speaking of technology, both Greg and I have been attempting to learn some basic Danish. Greg’s been learning for a while, I just started. I’m not sure how he’s learning, but I’ve been using DuoLingo. It’s fantastic! I can read basic German, and that’s been a help for this. There hasn’t been a huge overlap, but enough of one that I’m not finding it difficult so far.

(Granted, I’m only six lessons in.)

I like that Duolingo just sort of throws you in, and gives you a series of puzzles to learn the new words and how it all goes together. I don’t know how well I’ll do listening to conversations, but for now,

“She reads.”


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