The Hunt Begins

Now that the expo is over, we’ve begun to devote more time to finding that perfect apartment in Denmark. It’s been an interesting start!

At first, some of the Danish prices seem a little daunting. 5000-8000 Krone a month? 1 Krone works out to around $0.19 Canadian, so conversion is pretty simple. Take your Danish price, divide by five and poof! You’ve got the price in Canadian dollars. Suddenly that 5000 Krone works out to $1000, which is actually cheaper than our rent here!

We have a budget of around or under 5000 Krone a month. Most of the places we’ve found aren’t furnished, so then we have to budget for basic furniture. Have you ever looked at the IKEA mobile website in another language? I have. Google translate failed me so I was blindly clicking around. (It was surprisingly fun.) I love IKEA. The thought of getting to visit IKEA in another country excites me far more than it should.

(Greg wants to go to Legoland. Priorities)

We don’t need too much while we’re there; really just a bed, maybe a dresser, a futon/loveseat, some dishes and cutlery and probably a small desk. We want to keep it very basic so that we can sell it when we’re packing to come back home.

As for what we’re taking, we really only want to go with our laptops for school, a few books for the plane, and some of our clothes. I’m planning to come back to Canada more often than Greg, so I’m going to end up leaving my wardrobe there. I’ll have my Canada clothes and my Denmark clothes!

At this point, we’re still planning out details. Nothing’s booked yet so I’m not sure it feels real. It’ll probably set in more on Thursday when we start packing up things to put in storage.




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